India In 90s

By Subhakanta Naik
Feb 07 2019 3 min read

India in the 1990sThis is a story about India in 1990, There are a lot of things happen in 90s lot of achievements as well as disasters. I have tried to cover some of the events. In 1990 India is going through a very bad economic situation. In 1991 it barely had enough of finance two weeks of imports. The economy of the world largest democracy was crumbling. For this reason in 1991 the government decided to broke the Nehruvian Socialist order and embraced an open economy. This led to an unshackling of individual enterprise and imagination. And a new assertiveness came to our country.On May 21, 1991, Congress leader Mr. Rajib Gandhi a young person who had a lot of dreams about India was killed by a bomb exploded in Tamilnadu. After some investigation, it was found that that bomb blast happened by LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam). LTTE was one of the many groups that came into existence to fight for Tamil rights based in northern and eastern part of Srilanka formed in 1975. The reason was India helped Srilanka in 1987 for a fight with LTTE, Its was revenge. This was a very

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