if i have a dinner with any historical figure

By Anmol Banerjee
Mar 14 2019 2 min read

I would like to have dinner with Shah Jahan to discuss about making a new monument and the monument must be historical. i want to see what type of food he will eat and what type of dress he will wear. I want to see the accent in which he talks. I must ask him his great stories or some of his funny tales. He may tease his enemies or friends. Many things may happen through the war and we don't know , I want to listen about those funny or serious things. I do have the curiosity to know about what he did in such a big palace with lots and lots of slaves. He was cruel person too. I must take care of myself in front of him. What if he suddenly took his sword and kill me only because I was disturbing him asking silly questions. Obviously , how would I know about his past. I don't know anything , the only thing I know is he was a warrior. I don't know how they discussed war theories. I want him to watch the T.V serials in which his character is played by others. I just want to see his expression when they watch it and know whether these things are true or not. Possibly he would say that 'we

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A big smile on my face
I like the story. Good thinking and imagination.