I Will Wait

By Dayita
Feb 09 2019 1 min read

When I close my eyes, I see you,But I take a blink to come back to what's true..I hold back the tears in my eyes,And I sit, lonely, on my bed, waiting for the next sunrise..It's tough to believe that I have to let you go,Wherever you are, I want you to know...The times I've confessed my love for you,It's always been real, always true...The days your name would flash on my phone...The messages that awaited, never made me feel alone..There are moments I wish I could share with you at an instant,But my life has restrictions, they can't be bent..I want to pick up my phone and dial your number, tell you I miss you...But what stops me is the thought.. will you care? or reply that you miss me too?I pray to God each and everyday...I want my love back... I just hesitate to say..I wish you could understand without me putting it through words.. or..Like the olden days, pen it down on paper and sned through the birds..Just do me one favour... and listen to your heart...What does it say.. can we give it another start??It's the last try I can give, hoping you will understand it's true meaningg...A

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Much related...
There is a pain and reassurance in the poem.