I Met Someone

By Kushal Samant
Oct 09 2019 2 min read

I Met Someone. “You will meet her in seven days, her name starts with N, it has eight alphabets, you will meet at the place you sang, but hang on a sec, don’t kiss her yet, or you might lose her forever again.” Someone told me that, nearly 10 years ago, on an online crazy chat streak, as crazy as this weekend was until now. So close to reality, so hard to believe, what someone saw in my past, was my future behold! This week. I have never followed occult, for all its mystery, it has always been, a double check for me. She wants to be an conceptual artist, and explore her beliefs, in time travel, and philosophy, while she is a soul to die for, indeed. When I look back on my life now, connecting these dots seem so obvious to me, everything fits so lovely, even every silly thing I reaped. Life could not have taught me better, through sadness, and ease, what joy was there to sit by her, that the moment felt like eternity. I might sound so patronizing, so head over heels, being used to empty dinner tables, and empty cafes it seems. I lo

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