Human extinction 2

By Sumanth Naidu
Dec 10 2020 1 min read

Human extension 2   Kelvin who found only dead bodies  in the future felt sad  because he could not save his race. He cried very loud and  screamed. He than realised that he was being followed by the a girl. She is mera. She came from year 2089. She explained her that earth heals itself  when humans become extinct. The only way humans can survive is their extinction and millions year later due to evolution they will again come to existance. This is the only possibility. He went to have a look at time machine. it was mostly distroyed and his watch suddenly beag to beep. He had put his watch in a chamber and machine began to work again. It contains radio active eliments. It's fission released energy and Machine figured out the energy levels. He pulled thousands of trees along with roots and thrown then into the portel. Scientists from the year 3048 collected the specimens and planted them. This way they have saved the entire human race.

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