How to take care newborn babies

By Madiha Munazza
Nov 08 2019 1 min read

If you are a mother for the first time, then keep these things in mind, take care of your innocent child for the first time, then take care of these things, take care of your innocent child's health It is very delicate. A little carelessness can be harmful to them. Therefore it is important for every mother to be observant about the health of her baby. The health of a newborn baby is very delicate. Women not only have to take care of their baby during pregnancy, but their responsibility increases after becoming a mother. They have to take care of small things related to the care of the baby. Many times, mothers do not know the important things in this subject. Here we are giving you some such advice, which will be able to take adequate care of your newborn baby by adopting them. How to massage Massage keeps the blood circulation in the baby's body right, the baby's body is very relaxed, he gets good sleep and his bonding with the mother is also better. But the mother should massage very carefully. Always massage with tight hands. If you do not know how to massage your b

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