How to control our Anger

By Vishal Mayur
Apr 01 2020 1 min read

Everything is in our hand if we take our anger as a challenge we will loose our control on us and we become more anger, some time our anger makes us to do things in worse manner later we will realise for our mistake, our anger may cause threat to someones life, sometimes our anger may departs us from relationship.  So Before getting anger think once and ask yourself “am I doing right?” If you can't control your anger in serious condition then keep silent at that time atlest for five minutes, think something which makes you relief from Anger, think about yourself, Dream something which give you pleasure.  Think that I am a king of this world, all people of your kingdom are your brother and sister, your heart must be big so that you must excuse everyone because you are the king, your heart is big, in the same way you just excuse the person who made you anger.  Take a long breath, go into fresh air or eles go to a peaceful place and exhale the breath, make yourself relax, drink a glass full of fresh and cold water, make your mind cool and just forget e

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