Hopes above all

By Shruti Rastogi
Apr 06 2019 2 min read

She accused “You're such a male chauvinist and this will gulp you whole, one day” Listening to her pin poking words or the words that showed him the real mirror, he slapped her impatiently.It was not the first time when she was scolded, there were many before when she use to smash her face in the pillow to scream the inner loudness out. But this time she was strong enough to break the cages of marriage. She packed her belongings the next minute, held her new born in the cradle of arms and left for her parents home.She knocked the door in little hesitation, thinking parallel to the situation because this time she was planning to stay a little longer. The door opened, she hugged her mother tightly and the situations turned opposite what she thought of. After half a month, she started feeling the force directly or indirectly to go back to her marriage. She chose silence over an answer this time. Her mind was already planning something big the moment she left the house of hatred. She decided to file the divorce and sent papers of the same to his office. Like a bomb it

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Inspirational women, fortunately I have been around some of them.