Hey you!!

By Akanksha Verma
Jun 04 2019 2 min read

For the girl, who is loved by Everyone but she is in search of that Someone special....Don't worry....It's not a lengthy one and if it is, then deal with it because reading cures the stupid functioning of your mind.So what do you think...Love is everything people want in life? There's no room for words like goals, career, ambition?You are crying and hurting yourself just because you are feeling alone, just because you can not take this anymore, you shed tears at night on the stupid scars you made with an useful object which is logically and officially made for cutting Vegetables or any other object which is invented for performing useful activities, and not for your skin.C'mon!!!! How can you be so cruel when it comes to you?? Is this the end of the World?? Is love everything that matters you the most??? Don't you feel that there's actually more to do....Your eyes wants to see the beautiful side of you, of the world, your skin needs expensive beauty products, your brain needs rest from all the stupid feeling you force on it and all disgusting ideas you get for self harm.Just get out

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