Here We Came!

By Samit Banerjee
Nov 08 2019 2 min read

We saw the first light, as we entered the world,  Out of mother’s womb, to the cradle,  Unknowingly all feelings get churned,  Learned the taste of food as we sip the first ladle.   Dusk and dawn slipped away, and so passed by years,  We learnt humongous facts, at home and school,  Cherishing moments gave us smile, while the tiring ones tears,  Still stayed in a trance to recognize the friendly or foe pool.    Infancy, childhood, adolescence then youth,  Our brain develops eventually as it keeps on learning,  But the heart acts in its own pace, synchronized with nature’s flute,  Morosity it might bring, while, sometimes leaves us grinning.    It makes us sensitive, and sometimes, highly reactive,  Enables us to feel the warmth of love and bitterness of adversities,  Stays with us at the times we need to be proactive,  Although it is foolish, yet keeps us compact amidst all diversities.    It held us strong from within and helped us make bonds,  Differen

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