Heavenly truth

By Prabjeet Kaur
Feb 23 2020 1 min read

a:1:{i:0;s:1032:"They were kissing when we saw them. Ending of their childhood and heading to the adulthood,they feel like a bird flying carelessly in the sky wherever they want along with each other!! New feelings for the very first time!!! First kiss!! They were just lost!!! That first kiss is very precious. Nothing can replace the feeling of that precious kiss at very precious ages of life!! According to people it may be wrong! But according to me there is height of everything in that moment! High at the feelings; high energy even hormones are at peak too!!! These all things shouted silently " just lost in this heavenly moment". Few years later, we found those faces in the different streams. After 10th standard they have hardly seen each other. But today is day of reunion!!!! They face each other along with their lovers!!! They can still feel butterflies in their stomach remembering that kiss!!!! But presence of their lovers bring them back to the wonderful present from an amazing past!!!!

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