Healthy life style tips

By Madiha Munazza
Nov 08 2019 1 min read

Eating less or no food is not dieting. Generally, people believe that the reason for being fat is only food, which is totally wrong. Food has its own different requirements. Diet is also necessary along with regular exercise and yoga to lose weight. But it means it is totally wrong to starve. A healthy diet is also very important for the body working body. If you do any kind of workout, but do not take a good diet, then within a short time you will start having weakness and other problems will also start. Disease does not come in anybody by speaking, but we will get what we do with our body. If you eat ludicrous food then the body will also make you sick from within. By taking healthy diet, you will be healthy at every stage of your life. You will get the power to fight the biggest disease. 1. Tea and 2 Biscuits between 6-8 am in the morning 2. Breakfast between 9-10 3. 1-2 beach lunches 4. Tea and light dry breakfast between 4-5 5. Dinner between 7-8 6. If you feel hungry at night, you can eat fruits

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