Hanx Writer

By Kushal Samant
Oct 09 2019 1 min read

HanX Writer. I have no clue about how fast I can type using this inanimate typewriter or if coding is something I should worry about as per the geekiness of being a static site web developer, and all the banter about those GitHub pages hosting issues. It can seem to be a pain to learn these things but it seems to me like a one-time thing, or maybe I shouldn’t bother so much on the layout, and search for the most minimalistic wordpress website, and add to the latest post like I am doing here. it may be weird to have no actual web presence since it will be harder for my remote team to contribute, unless I find another method for communications. I am tired of the way we are divided on multiple platforms. I want to limit my work to my mobile device, and my application usage to my webpage for all communications. Maybe there is something that lets me use my email account as a web hosting site. So that all my activities focused but not limited to one platform.

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