Hakuna Matata!!

By Shriti Malakar
Jul 09 2019 1 min read

So you realize patience is the key to everything..... Things don't work for you nor do people or even the universe at large if you don't stand out to work for yourself. You want to loose weight, go workout. You have a busy schedule ,give up on your happy hours, You find people negative, turn your intentions positive. But don't dare to give up. The road to success is never easy and it will never be; now realize that is what sets the achievers apart from the common crowd.People end up searching for places to peace and shout of no heaven or bliss to counter. Realize HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH  only when you are happy  HAKUNA MATATA- the African symbol to grant wish comes to action. Know that in striving for excellence deserting self is destruction. because your best is not enough, doing well is what counts the most. Don't let your job let you give upon your dreams....because when you do so you will be late to realize that you are on the track of another corpse creation.....DON'T BE ONE! the world is already filled with many!!!!! Disciplin

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