Good News For Windows 7 User

By Indra Jeet
Feb 29 2020 1 min read

Help me by donating cursor... Thank You All 1. First of all no updates from Microsoft side you will get.  2. Even updates of applications are difficult to get.  3.Data security will be reduced.  4. Then Microsoft epiphans support may be terminated.  5.You have to be wary if you use net banking, which will not be Windows security.        Let's find fault with our salutation. I had the same problem before him as my PC has also windows7. I did switch to install and install installer mint 19.3. This OS can do everything that windows7 can do.   Now let us show you the benefits for more minutes :- 1.This is much faster than Windows.  Secure, reliable & 100% free antivirus does not require regular updates to be 100% free due to community is ready 24*7 for your help. 2. It might be trouble for some days to oprate, but after a few days you'll be habitual.

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