Frog and Nachi

By Sumanth Naidu
Nov 24 2020 1 min read

Frog rapist       nachi, a stout , turk, goat beard kid. Who used to sell vegetables in the market. On a finer day when he was selling vegetables, he saw a frog. The frog was green...muscus bearing thing. Nachi looked at the frog and fell in love. Frog began to croak and he really loved it. Nachi had fed the frog with round worms which he removed from his ass. Frog too fell in love with nachi. Now they both married. During first night frog sucked nachi's dick. Nachi licked and fingered the frog. Nachi began to fuck it. Nachi's little dick got penetrated into frogs pussy. He pierced it through the frog mouth frog died. Nachi fried it and ate it. Nachi was a psyco who rapes frogs and eat them.

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