By Vishesh Bhambhani
Jun 03 2019 1 min read

Friendship is not a word, it's an emotion... An undefined feeling. A friend is someone who is constant in this unpredictable life. Friendship is knowing almost everything about a person, right from the scratch. It is not an option or an alternative, it's a priority!Sometimes, your buddy won't be able to spend as much time with you as he/she used to, and it can become absolutely frustrating. But, trust me, that person isn't doing it on purpose! There's always a certain reason behind it. Instead of working out tediously on the causes, applying your mathematical skills and ending up in a huge mess, just have a heart to heart conversation with him/her and try to understand the situation. This will have a soothing effect on both the parties and mend things up. That's what friendship is all about!!Be that soul who helps his counterpart in each and every ups and downs of life. Always remember: greater the understanding, the stronger the bond. Continual communication only makes this bond grow stronger and stronger.During the course of your existence, you will meet and know a variety of peopl

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