Follow Your Heart

By Sanjivan Das
Nov 30 2019 7 min read

                          Follow Your Heart Once there was a king who was very egoistic and full of attitude. He was also cruel to his kingdom. One day, he thought of going for a regular check-in in his kingdom. He was sitting on an elephant and was surrounded by a lot of guards. Two of the guards were a little ahead of the king and the other guards, riding on their horses. Their job was to inform every villager on their path, that the king is on his way and to stop all the work and bow for him. All the villagers did exactly the same and bowed for the King. The King was very happy to see that the kingdom respects him a lot and rides his elephant with an evil smile on his face. After a little while, he came across a lane where he saw everybody bowed to welcome him, but he also heard some loud noise. A noise of someone hitting an iron with another piece of iron. His eye searched for where the noise came from and the king saw a blacksmith hitting on some iron, completely concentrated on his work and not even bothered abou

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