By Shruti Rastogi
Apr 08 2019 2 min read

 FoetusI met you on 26th of January when people were celebrating their freedom and here i was struggling to decide whether I should combine with chromosome X or Y. Then a sudden thought striked whatever i may be i will be a life atleast and the God's gift.Yay! Finally the day arrived and I was placed in my healthy home with the protective wall around me ,people call it placenta. Here I can sense your lub dub, your mood swings and your every little activity. What perfect unbreakable bond it appears to be , you breathe I live, You eat I share, you dance I kick ,you cry I sigh. How unremarkable care you give ,how selfless mother the god has created though.Oh great! I heard the doctor that I have completed my two trimester and my limbs,organs are developing perfectly with time.I can feel the sweetness of your immense love and joy within these walls.I can hear those bells of celebrations.I hope its a invitation to this glittery world.Ah! what you want me to checked? What if I am not upto your expectations ? What will you do then? Kill me? Burry me? Where are those emotions gone?

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background picture is too good
The story is something that touches your heart. It defined the cruelty of our society towards the gi
Deep message and great choice of words