Finding the Proof of The Existence of God

By Ishan Sharma
Jan 27 2020 1 min read

Let me tell you 2 stories, though one is considered to be the truth. One, not starting it with boring you, an instance from Naruto. The kotoamatsukami, is the ultimate genjutsu, and only Shishui Uchiha was the only known, original user of it. Later he gave it to Sasuke Uchiha. So, in this genjutsu, Shishui can put his opponent under a genjutsu by just looking at him. In the genjutsu he plants an idea in his opponent's mind. The opponent never finds out he was under a genjutsu and thinks it was his own idea, and works to execute it. Genjutsu easily explained is an illusion. Second, is from legend of Ramayan. When Brahma asked Ki to ask anything he wants, he asked that he should sleep for 6 months and rest 6 months he should eat. This happened because as soon as he was about to make his wish, goddess Saraswati sat on his tongue and made him say so. Now, it's up to you to find the relation, and enjoy. Message on my insta, L.stills, if you would like more.

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A great naruto story is always one of my favorite to read and I am hoping to get some more from you.
Didnt get the reference care to explain