Fear vs Love

By Gowthem VR
May 28 2020 9 min read

Present time: The streetlights were dim as the mist enclosed it in its mysterious grip. She peered out of her window into the darkness, was there someone out there or was it her imagination? puzzled a observer standing in front of her window, he came there in search of his dog who ran out in the night from his house, by visualising the things happening in front of him, he forgot about the reason why he was there, he looked into the window and it's dark, tried to enter the house, but hesitation stopped him, he became afraid of the further consequence, while standing there he sensed a sniffing and liking at his legs, looked down and saw his dog Rough looking him in a happy mood, he grabbed and kissed it, he decided to go back to his house to avoid further concequence. 10 minutes earlier   Nash was entering his house after work at 7 in evening, he is living single in his 3 bedroom apartment along with his dog, "Woohoo" he sounded while he entered but no response, after undressing came back and called his dog again, since there is no response he wondered where Rough h

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