Far Away Land

By Ashutosh Sahu
Apr 04 2020 7 min read

                          Far Away Land                     By - Ashutosh Sahu                                  Part - I   I am JHON, I love traveling all around the world, I travelled around the world, like any other day I was traveling this time to japan most popular place Hokkaido, I was going to Hokkaido then all of a sudden everything became too bright, I was all confused all around me was screaming and the next moment terrified everyone half of the train was inside of a hole filled with lava and the more terrifying thing was there was more hole like that all filled with lava near us. I was trying to keep my sanity but it was little too much all of a sudden and the screaming made it more scary and annoying, when I looked out of the window again  I saw unicorns made of fire with their babies coming out of the hole where the half of the train fell, thei

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