Falling in love

By Talha Ansari
Oct 07 2019 1 min read

FALLING IN LOVE i m not a poet but beauty makes me write the greatest romantic poetry ever. Wow! Love can make you fly without any wings. Love is the greatest magic ever experienced & she is the magician for me. How could she stole my heart without my knowledge, & become a shadow of my life. Its still a beautiful unsolved mystery for me. Hey! I was totally lost, surrounded by the sea of people, desperately searching for one special person to make life worthwhile when she came in my life and  drown me into the sea of love.I become an extraordinary person whenever she is with me, always smiling and enjoying my life but I become an ordinary person, filled with loneliness and sadness when she is not around, I asked God how it can be possible to have so vast two different personalities in me but there was no answer from the other side.She just surprises me every day by giving me new happiness, more beautiful than before.  Falling anywhere gives you pain and bruises but why falling in love gives you the greatest happiness. - thoughtonnotes  

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