By Nishi P
Jan 02 2020 3 min read

For millions it was just a regular day but there was one " yudhir" for whom it was dream day  yudhir had a gentle blush on his face despite being Not slept whole night.  It was his love to whom he was going to meet. Stop stop don't think yudhir is a flirt boy or macho boy it was his friend who pushed him in front of her which started their love story. After adoring each other they are finally meeting. Yudhir is bit hesitant and was running away from this moment from long time . It was his friend who persuade him what ever happened in past was just a bad time and he is not responsible for that. But for a boy who lost his mother on birth and father on his return to home after boarding at the age of 16. No one can even describe this moment in his life . After all past is past and today boy is feeling luck has favoured him. Filled with joy and excitment boys riding to Marine drive. It was december end so dispite been few minutes to 6 pm still it was a little dark. Though sun had set ,  his existence was marked by sky who was appeared like it had embrace the g

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