Erotica 6

By Kushal Samant
Sep 10 2019 4 min read

I loved eating you out, and hearing you moan, like a toy in my hands. I loved sucking your tits, running my nails on your back. I want to tear away your tops. All of them. I want to give you continuous hickies. I want to get Honey, Nutella, Hershey's syrup, and peanut butter. I want to swallow your cum. Being horny is expensive, and you are the only expense I want. I want us to be dirty baby. Add some Mayonnaise please. I want to rip away your delicate panties, and pull you by your legs, dragging you towards me on the bed, spit on your clit, and tongue it, deeper, and rub my lips on your clit. I want to try all of these, one by one. Let's start with honey, I want to eat you, while you eat breakfast, can you tease me some more baby! I want to be greedy for you. I want to suck hard on your pussy. Touch yourself right now. I want you to orgasm tonight. Now I wish you were here, baby let's just live in together? I cannot stay away from those hard nipples. So I want to eat pizza off you. I want to fuck you with my rock hard boners, not the ones you have seen yet. I am hard e

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Dude, this place is not for these things! It's damn inappropriate