Emotion Chip

By ecomusicecho
Jan 06 2021 1 min read

       It was 2nd of Jun, 2035. Top scientists of the world had gathered for the premiere of their own created, world's first humanoid robotic machine. It was named as Infinex Bita (IB). The speciality of this machine was that, it was the only machine which was inbuilt with the emotion chip. This chip gave human emotions to it. Countdown started and when it came behind 10 seconds, a small short circuit happened in the building which was unnoticed by any one. And finally infinex bita was introduced to the world and the first sentence he spoke was, " I am 'INFINEX BITA' and I am made to fix all the problems of humanity and all differences of this whole world" and suddenly it paused for dead 5 seconds and continued, "by destroying all the humanity and race! "       -iamsamhith

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