Dynamos in Charge

By Nerve Man
Sep 01 2019 2 min read

If you want more voltage, collapse your ideas, subject them to logical litmus tests, and naturally keep making changes with new observations. Idealists exist which, given native stupidity admittedly become suicide-bombing fanatics, but granted normal psychology can alternatively produce an older type of human being. Drugs are a sure way to fill with delusions of grandeur, the user believing his temporary heights of mental functioning somehow not owing to the drug but to his native genius; however, he has not the vital minerals in his organism to sustain exalted states, and so becomes a cloven creature, eventually half animal in many cases and half demon of a poor sort. But study origins of words and see Atlantis rise before your mind as ideas strong enough to last millennia deliver their great vistas, and bypass the endless stream of modern connotations--mere footnotes in the glitter that passes for dialogue these days--and keep accumulating them: For a time you will stagger and reel as an imbalanced ponderous giant, but as the drawstrings cinch round the anc

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