Dream charm

By Sai Charan Vadhyar
May 08 2020 4 min read

Mom I am done said rohan and got up from the table finishing his dinner. Mother found that he was upset for something she knows its because of his skinny and thin appearance he was so unhappy. She tried months convincing him from the day he started complaining but nothing changed his mind it even made the hatred on his mother level up. He always accused her for his disability but she never uttered a word against her loving son.  Rohan went to his room like everyday accusing his mother and her mother went to her room like everyday praying to god for her child. Rohan ascended his bed and accused god for everything he under went slowly he went under bedsheet and his today's events went through his mind. He was bullied again by raj today at school to be said he is bullied by everybody asusual even today he tried to talk to meera but failed again as everyday. He wished that he could teach a lesson to bullies and get closer to meera.  It was twelve at night and still rohan can't close his eye lashes only thing that was running on his mind was those two wishes.  Su

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