Do Cats know their names?

Oct 03 2019 1 min read

Hey!! Have you ever been with a kitten calling it with a pet names as kitty, nike etc. Yes,  its all about the secret of the Cat family.   Many researches has shown that Cats can recognize their own names when called by a stranger or by a owner.  Among many researchers, Saito who is a psychologist was the one to give a detailed description about this. She has experimented with almost 78 Cats in Japan. Saito found that not only cats know their names but they also recognize them even when they are spoken or called out by someone they don't know.  The research included many experiments and it involves both the owners of the Cat and the Strangers saying not only the Cats names but also similar sounding names and also the names of the other nearby cats.  On the other hand, Cats are different from Dogs in responding to this condition. Dogs are quite more enthusiastic than the Cats when they are called by its name. Besides proving this Saito has also found that Cats have learned to find hidden food by watching people's gestures and begging for t

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