Disadvantages of space research system to the Earth and countries

By Harpreet Singh
Dec 16 2019 1 min read

In this competitive world many countries like The U.S. ,Russia , China, India and many more countries are going to research in space whether it is developed country or developing country just to get fame. There are some problems to earth ( our planet ) Which are as follows :- Overutilization of resources :- With the space research missions our natural resources which are beneficial for us has been used over due to these missions like energy , Fuel , Trees , money and coals etc. With these missions resources has been used rapidly. 2. Space Derbis :- The other Problem of space research system to earth is Space derbis (Waste in space ). With competition between countries in space research waste of rockets or launchers has been revolving into the earth's gravity which is harmful to earth and us as well. 3. Waste of Money :- Many countries are doing same missions which are useless just because to get fame in the world and spent lots of money as these missions are very costly with the result of this GDP of country or purchasing power of people of country has been declined. These w

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