Difference among the headsets.

Oct 01 2019 1 min read

Hey!! Its being a fine day to describe about a thing that we all use in our daily life. Yes, its all about the headsets we often use.  There are three types of head sets. 1. Single partition headset - it has single partition with two parts which acts as a speaker for each ear, one for right and one for other. It has audio part and ground part. It was once used in microphone headsets with two different pins.  2. Double partition headset - it has two partition with three parts which acts as a speaker for both ears and a ground attached to it in a single pin.  The audio is not recorded in this type and also in the latter.  3. Three partion headset - it has three partition with four parts as speaker for left, speaker for right, audio recording, ground facility. It is the most widely used headsets available nowadays. This type is always associated with a mic in it.   Hope this information is useful. 

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