Died in hell

By Sumanth Naidu
Feb 26 2021 1 min read

In the tribe. When winter season begins...the food ends. So people of the baaka tribe hunt animals and birds in summer store them to meet their needs. They collect it's flesh and meat. Leader of tribe has a son. Leader of tribe wants to make his son. Their next leader. But his son was not that skillful to lead their tribal community. So make him a good leader. His father took him to hunt animals first time. Winter is about to come. It snows and temperature drops to 0degree celsius. Then they began to travel to hunt animals. On the way they experienced lion attach and lost few men. At last after lot of struggle they have came to zone wherewild baffon s live. They tried to hunt them. One of the baffon ran towards the son of leader.it had hit him and he fell down in a deep trench. It was highly impossible to get to him. The leader of the tribe tried to best to get back his son. But he was not able to reach him. So to save the tribe they need to leave him. Or else their own tribe will die due to hunger. So they left him and went back. After 2 days the son of tribe

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