Devil Dark

By Shruti Rastogi
May 01 2019 1 min read

She fears the none but the "Devil Dark",Dark that haunts,spooks and sometimes even clinch her hands in his fists till she rest's her body to his armsIt was nothing new to her she was meeting him since her childhood,Intruders sometimes or on road face to face or sometimes in a disguise of a teacher or the known,She just tries to forget, might be delusion of her eyes, its just a semblance but the deceptive mirror imprints scratches of her rebels on her back everytime,Everytime she tries to be courageous enough like she will capture him but The "Devil Dark" crushes her hopes which she had gained during the time.She begs, she often craves ,she asks him to leave but just like the vampire's canine he sucks her soul deep.He comes closer to her as she moves a step back,He grabs her waist tight with paws embedding in her tender skin, locks his arms and lean her over the wall ,The moans often so loud that echoes the room but the outside mere deaf surrounds, And just some days he ties her hands to avoid fidgeting in her menstrual days,But I can tell you her cramps relieves her mo

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