Desire everyday

By Aravind Nair
Jul 11 2019 1 min read

Most of us living our monotonous life everyday have always had a desire to escape from it.To lead the perfect life we want to but dare not to.We linger in those utopian thoughts reluctant to leave because we are too rooted in our reality. We live our life the same way everyday not because we want to but are required to.We envy others more fortunately blessed with talent and material having the time of their lives.But that's not the whole picture. Everybody from every class and creed is unhappy inside and always want to become this quintessential being of their thoughts. Always dreaming yet not making a single move forward towards it.Even the most perfect person you know from your life suffers from this infirmity. As it stands now, nobody seems to believe one's enough but overcome by procrastination blame it on destiny for what they couldn't achieve. Then at the end of the day each one wants what one doesn't have.

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