By Khushi Srivastav
May 11 2019 1 min read

After a long day, I lay next to you maYou ask mehow i've been lately?I retort, all good with a drop of tear rolling down my cheekHow do I tell you ma, thatI am scared of myselfI wanna run away from meAnd escape foreverI hate sunrise , new beginning and mornings tooI don't wish to wake up on oneHow do I tell you ma,aboutthis emptiness I'm afraid ofAnd how my mind is a blunder of uncertain possibilitiesMy google history weeps along me - "how to be normal" ?My heart tends to beat more than the diastolic pressureIt fears intimacyWhile my thoughts jangle in the head which is on the verge to bust I am tired, restless,sad.I am an ardent tormentor of myself I want to dieHow do I tell you ma, That I'm donelamenting and being lethal to me.I feel uncomfortable under my own skinBoils on my legs hurt and the red patches look too uglyI am frightened to face mirror anymore. Please tell me,What is life? Purpose?Who am I ? Do I matter?What's happiness?How to be happy?How should I shed this melancholy?How do I tell you ma,Of wonders if only I woul

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