The witch

By Reshma Prasad
Oct 27 2019 1 min read

Warning: Graphic content ahead.  She belonged to a backward section in medieval Europe. What is worse, she was believed to be involved in witchcraft.  And there she was, suspended in public, to be punished, till death. No, she wasn't going to be burnt alive or stoned to death, oh, those would be better, she would at least lose consciousness at one point. This was worse, she was sentenced to, "death by sawing"  She was suspended upside down so that the blood supply to her brain was retained and she would be conscious throughout the procedure. And then they started sawing her, starting at her groin. While she screamed and yelled in pain, the men around her cursed her for being a witch. The sawing went on for hours, progressing extremely slowly, the men sawing her in between taking rest, eating their food, answering their nature calls and having fun. All amidst her yells and cries. And there she was, writhing in pain, begging to be killed, praying they would be done with soon, half-sawn, conscious, waiting for her death....... 

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