Crucial World

By Shruti Rastogi
Mar 29 2019 2 min read

 OH! Ma why are you so numb, your brave girl fought well and ran out from that hell now,see she is home after a long time won't u hold her in your arms and hug her tight?won't you feed her from your hands she missed there? Ah! please don't cry now over my complete silence, Believe me it wasn't easy to bear that burning wax dripping upon my skin,those injections from which I used to fear now it hurts no more, that darkness in which I hold your hands tightly now I fear no more.Remember how I come running straight towards you over small small injuries but now can bear those blisters with liquid sucking ants.See Ma your little girl became courageous now.I don't remember how many men trodden my pious body, l don't remember how hard my moans were but at times my ears, my brain gets chafed but I never asked my swollen vagina which cries beedly often.Don't cry over those scars ma,these are just my punishments when I do something wrong just as the master treats his dog to train. Ma I missed you there when they played the game of choosing favourite meals as we do but w

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