Cracking Interviews: a skill more than a talent!

By Shristy Jain
Aug 10 2019 2 min read

CRACKING INTERVIEWS: A SKILL MORE THAN TALENT The most busiest persons on this planet are youth. They busy to cracking interviews to get their dream jobs.When any job aspirant looking for a job, he or she have to face interview criteria for his or her selection. This criteria helps the company to check one's skills, capabilities, communication skills or overall a desired candidate for a particular job. Before any job interview, candidates become nervous and lose some sort of their confidence which later affects their interview. This happens naturally or due to some sort of selection pressure. Cracking interview is not a talent which is gifted by God to us. Actually, it is a skill which we have to expertise with time. Here are some points which one needs to remember during interviews: 1- Repeat positive affirmations to yourself: before going for an interview, make sure you are full of self confidence and hesitation keeps its distance from you. For this, you have to murmured positive affirmations to you. 'I'm the best', 'I can do this', 'I'm fully able

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