Control Systems

Dec 17 2019 1 min read

Hi.. This content is about Control Systems.  The name itself describes that a system is controlled by some means.    It is an engineering discipline that is extended to many fields including economy sociology medicinal fields and so on. It plays a vital role in advancing science and engineering.  The automation process control of machine tools is an integral part of the modern industrial and manufacturing process.  It is basically classified into closed loop system and open loop system. A system which has feedback control is known as closed loop control system and the one which does not has a feedback is known as open loop system.  Let us consider an example of a traffic light control system. In open loop system traffic signal is operated Based on time. In this the control of the signals is based on time slot that is provided for each and every signal. These slots are based on traffic analysis study. In this open system the density of the traffic is not considered by the system.  In closed loop system traffic signal is operated based on d

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