By Sumanth Naidu
Oct 26 2020 2 min read

a:1:{i:0;s:2315:"The Christopher   Based on true events... The incident took place in zaheeeabagh Hyderabad. "Christopher" a character in the movie "ratshasan" Which is originally a tamil movie, was remade in several languages and got appreciation for rye content, acting,story,and narration.   But who would think that this movie will lead to a murder of 16 year old girl? Yeas it's true. In the movie "Christopher" loves a girl during his teen age. Somehow due to his appearance and some reasons,the girl he loves rejects him. Later he kill her brutally. Remove her nails... Pull her hair of her head... Cuts several area on her body... Cuts her brest off.. Torched and finally killed  A guy named Shaik Ali loved a girl shalima of his class. He loved her for many years. She kept on rejecting him. On 19th of November 2019, she proposed  other classmate. Shak Ali kidnapped her. Took her to a old abondened home, torchered her pulled her hair,peeled her skin,cut off her breasts,pulled nails off the fingers. He left her w

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