By Sandeep Sandy
Feb 09 2021 1 min read

 Haa,,, today is the chocolate day,on this day every couples gift thier chocolate to therir mate.  One year on this same day I also in love naa, so I decided to gift the chocolate to my love ,but the thi g is where a re at college level so ,we have colleges no holiday for it. Is I think to gift at evening six like that. After completion of college , I went to shop and buy a chocolate of love symbol silk . As usual I and my friend went to gift ,while I reached thier but my love is at college where the study hour going on . What should I do now I roamed around their home for her . After some time it has been too late so ,I decided to went away to home but how can I go I pakka wnahted to gift her. At last I decided to go ,while going to home I saw a girl who has same dresscort of my love .so I stopand aksed her which class are you.!  She replied, I'm nighth then, I came to know she is junior of my love ,I gave the chocolate to her in polite manner and said that gift to my love. She said ok bro I will. Haa, finaaly the chocolate has reached to her then she make aca

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