Boy with luv

By Shubham Kadam
Nov 08 2019 1 min read

a:1:{i:0;s:1115:"This title is one of the biggest hits of BTS band I'm also a fan but I'm not talking about straight guys it's about a homosexual guy who fell in "love with the devil "and again it's a song but I'm wanna talk about that boy not songs so this is not who fell in love with a guy who just so good looking and charming and that boy always try to get just one wink of his eyes every day and try to find him on social media for days but nothing work to get close to him the and this is the biggest problem with gay guys coz they fell for guys and then that guy happen to be straight and that's kinda biggest bump it feels so hard to get over it but still that boy continue his life on just The hope of getting him or someone to love and I thought it his so dump to feel for someone don't care And just like Ellen said in her Tulane speech don't give advice don't take advice it will come back and bite you in the ass My advice to you just don't fell for until he feels the same about you that makes you weak in that person's eyes and fi

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