By Mansi Kukretti
Jul 10 2019 6 min read

"Keep up your pace mugglehead!" Shaleen ran as she snatched the rubber band out of my untidy braid. "Shaleen! Not again man! Give it back to me", I shouted as I ran after her accelerating with one arm and using the other one to keep the braid intact. Let me just mention that this girl loves irritating me and putting me through every random prank she finds on youtube. In grade 1, Shaleen convinced me to eat a crayon saying it was actually an anaardana. The next year she poured chilled Limca into my ear. Grade 4, she threatened me to write love letters on behalf of her to Advit, the not-so-hunk of the class. She chased me all the way to the senior block with her video cam to record me crying over the loose fitting of my dress for the annual function. In grade 9 she poured water all over my skirt right before the teacher asked me to come forward to solve the algebric equation problem, and that is how I got the popular "pee-pee" title. She would poke me just to be sure I was still patient enough to handle all her tantrums. Why did she do all that? Well, some really justified reasons whic

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A nice nostalgia for anyone who read it.Good work and a fine language.
Last part was amazing