By Prathyusha prat
May 31 2021 2 min read

Jason: I'll come with you. Bonnie: No Jason. I'll meet the doctor myself. (Bonnie goes to hospital)   Bonnie: Hello doctor. (Iris feels elated to see bonnie, there's a strong hint of happiness and anxiety in her eyes) Iris: Hello bonnie, oh god. It's been forever. Come. We'll go to my chamber. Bonnie: Doctor there's something weird happened about winter yesterday. No matter how hard I try to push things under the rug. Some or the other keep finding winter. I am concerned. Iris: calm down. I understand. You can't control the things that aren't in your hands. Bonnie: But doctor, how do I protect my daughter from all this? (Bonnie sobbing) Iris: calm down bonnie. You can't control this. Bring her to me sometime. Bonnie: ok doctor. The doll. I mean I keep protecting her with that, but it isn't working anymore. Iris: bonnie, winter isn't a doll loving type of girl. I am pretty sure she might have given away all those to her friends or thrown them. Find it out. Now go home. Bonnie: ok doctor. (At home) Bonnie: winter, come down

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