By Prathyusha prat
May 30 2021 2 min read

Blood Sword Part-2  (Soft feathers runs through winter's cheeks, Winter wakes up) Shireen: wake up little angel. Winter: who are you, where am I? Shireen: your wound is bleeding blue darling. Winter: I know. But what is this place? Shireen: This is the capital of Corsac kingdom and I am shireen, the medusa. Winter: so that explains your hair? (Medusa has a head with snakes like hair) Shireen: yes dear. Let me heal you. (She mixes some herbs and applies on the wound) Winter: why won't thid heal? Shireen: this wound won't heal. You fell in a wrong place. That's why your mother always warned you not to enter the capital. Winter: capital?and  How do you even know my mother. Shireen: I know everything darling. this is the capital of Corsac kingdom, Reynard. (Winter trys to talk but shireen pushes her away) (Winter stands up, her mother calls out from downstairs) Bonnie: wake up darling. It's eight in the morning. Breakfast is ready. (Winter wakes up) Winter talks to herself: so was that supposed to be a dream, I don't understand. It fel

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It was awesome reading this second part the discription was superb. The charecters were described.