By Prathyusha prat
May 29 2021 1 min read

Bonnie: winter, you can play with your friends, but don't go past foxville street. Winter: okay mom, got it. I won't go past foxville street. Bonnie: Remember not fight with your friends. Share your things. Winter: okay mom, done. Can I go now? Bonnie: you can, sweetheart. (Bonnie kisses her daughter's forehead) Winter: bye mom. Jill: hey winter, your are late. Winter: my mom won't let me go. Jill: so are you ready to see who wins in today's race? Winter: have I ever not been ready? (Jill smirks) Jill: let's go girl. (Both girls start running towards the foxville street. Winter is almost reaching the finish line which is where foxville street starts. Approaching the foxville street is the end point of race) Winter: hurray! It's me again. (Winter trips over her feet and fell down) Jill: winter winter.are you okay? Winter: I am fine, it's just a scratch. Come let's go home. If someone sees us in foxville street, they will tell mom. Lets run. Jill: yeah. Come on. Winter: bye Jill. (Jill waves her hand and goes

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