Black Widow: Still Alive

By Sjdh Jsjd
Dec 14 2019 4 min read

Natasha the black widow died in year 2014 Vormir in Avengers: end game. when she tries to die for giving soul stone to Hawkeye then Hawkeye get the stone and leave that time and come back in time. The body of the black widow left behind but the body don't have soul then Vormir dark powers take place in her body and she alive again. After one Week Natasha stay in Vormir and she have a spacecraft for going out of planet but she tried to find out what she has in her body, she feels the dark power and she is very powerful now and her memory makes her a devil widow and she want to kill avengers because they don’t save her. She come back to earth after avengers kill the Thanos and when they think all things are good. Natasha don’t want to hurt Hulk because of emotions for hulk and love. She tries to kill them all and she hurt Hawkeye and fully angry to him but Iron Lady save Hawkeye by taking him away. Black widow call herself a devil widow now. Natasha get hurt by avengers Thor make her very weak by his Stormbreaker and with electric shocks then she come back in Vorm

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Nice story! Lud it