Black holes

By Parth Rajput
Jan 03 2020 1 min read

Science has made many discoveries in the past but one of the most fascinating discovery is of the discovery of a black hole Black hole is such a creation which defies all laws of physics . It is said that even the fastest thing we have ever discovered i.e Light cannot escape the strong gravitational pull of the black hole Over the years many speculations have been made on the secrets that lie beyond the black hole It is said that it is a connecting portal between galaxies.  Scientist have proven that just staying near a black hole for just a day will cause 7 years on earth to pass That means indirectly we have time traveled in the future Even Current technology makes it impossible to reach a black hole as they are millions of light years away It is hence appropriate to say that there is no such word as impossible in the field of science . One day we will not be surprised to see headlines on front page "HUMANS REACH BLACKHOLE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER"

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