Bheesmha : the ideal son of ganga

By Abhash Nayak
Apr 03 2020 2 min read

1200 BCE, Hastinapur "Father, what's that?" a shrill voice cut through the tranquility of the woods, situated next to the holy Ganges, as a kid was pointing his hands towards that river. "Son, that's the holy Ganga. She is the daughter of brahma, she borders the sacred soil of our kingdom, the Kingdom of HASTINAPUR"  King Shantanu said " This river got it's own history and it's own story, where a king falls in love with the holy Ganga, unfortunately their love story didn't last long, it was a futile relationship.." "Who was the king father and why their relationship ended?" the kid questioned "It's not the right time to tell the truth son, you will know it when you will become a valiant warrior like me DEVRATH" Shantanu said " you are destined to be a ferocious king who will fight against injustice and will maintain harmony and unity among the citizens of HASTINAPUR, but today isn't that day, you have to wait" "You have to wait... You have to wait" these words echoed through th

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