Bheeshma: The ideal son of ganga ( 2 )

By Abhash Nayak
Apr 07 2020 3 min read

" Father, Shailav Naresh  can only sit on this throne if he can dismantle the sturdiness of our army" Devrath said " senapati, order the troops to be ready for the upcoming bloodshed, evacuate the citizens out of this city, strengthen the Defence at the frontiers, King Shantanu don't want the dirty feet of Shailav troops to step on the sacred soil of HASTINAPUR "  "Absolutely, Yuvraj  Devrath we will implement every possible steps to restrict their invasion to Hastinapur" Rudra Singh said " Allow me to leave"  Rudra Singh is one of the finest warrior of the Hastinapur Army, possessing an impeccable strength and skills he can singlehandedly lead his army to victory against any possible enemies. He had triumphed the battle of pataliputra, a beautiful territory situated at the centre of Bihar, since his victory in that battle he was honoured with the title of " SHOORVEER" which stands for the most valiant man of this world. His sheer dedication towards his profession

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